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file01 I'll Play the Blues for You (Parts 1 & 2).mp32020-02-13 19:1210565 KB
file03 Superstition.mp32020-02-13 19:125951 KB
file05 I'll Be Doggone.mp32020-02-13 19:128273 KB
file08 Baby I Need Your Loving.mp32020-02-13 19:125188 KB
file14 It's Growing.mp32020-02-13 19:125099 KB
file16 Don't Look Back.mp32020-02-13 19:124994 KB
file2-02 Born To Love You.mp32020-02-13 19:125695 KB
file2-03 Everybody Needs Love.mp32020-02-13 19:125628 KB
file2-06 A Place In The Sun.mp32020-02-13 19:125926 KB
file3-04 Just tell me.mp32020-02-13 19:124286 KB
file3-04 What Does It Take (To Win Your Love).mp32020-02-13 19:126269 KB
file3-05 Message From A Black Man.mp32020-02-13 19:125295 KB
file3-07 Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is All About).mp32020-02-13 19:125795 KB
file3-08 War.mp32020-02-13 19:125072 KB
file3-10 I'll Be There.mp32020-02-13 19:125622 KB
file3-11 God Bless Whoever Sent You.mp32020-02-13 19:125057 KB
file3-12 It's A Shame.mp32020-02-13 19:125232 KB
file3-14 (It's The Way) Nature Planned It, Parts 1 & 2.mp32020-02-13 19:1212928 KB
file3-15 Touch Me In The Morning.mp32020-02-13 19:127251 KB
file3-16 Let's Get It On.mp32020-02-13 19:126972 KB
file3-17 Your Kiss Is Sweet.mp32020-02-13 19:126325 KB